Eco coffins

Eco-friendly coffins

Midlands Co-operative Funeral Services, in conjunction with Daisy Coffins, offers a truly beautiful alternative to other natural coffins which has the strength and rigidity of more traditional styles.

Engineered and hand crafted with both the environment and you in mind, these biodegradable coffins offer a less formal yet dignified casket made from natural materials.

Daisy Coffins are made from water hyacinth or banana leaves, which are both fast growing, freely available and biodegradable. Internally, the coffins are lined with decorative unbleached calico, and even the cotton rope and aliphatic glue are 100 per cent natural. Wicker coffins are also available.

As an environmentally sound alternative to more traditional construction materials, an eco coffin offers an innovative and unique solution.

Wicker coffin

With a tasteful decorative exterior, the hand woven wicker coffin has a sturdy wooden frame construction.  Naturally individual with a choice of personalised name plates, the wicker coffin is suitable for burial. 


Banana leaf coffin

The “trunk” of the banana tree (which is actually a herbaceous plant rather than a tree) grows from a corm and is a stalk comprising 25–30 tightly layered leaves. Each stalk yields just one crop of bananas, but the corm will produce another stalk in a matter of months.

After fruiting, the stalk is cut down, and the leaves removed and hand woven into the ropes which go to create Daisy Coffins.

Suitable for burial.

Your local Midlands Co-operative funeral home will be happy to provide further details about these eco-friendly coffins.

Water hyacinth

The water hyacinth is one of the fastest growing aquatic plants known. It forms a dense, impenetrable mat across the surface of the water, causing environmental issues such as blocking irrigation and drainage systems, and suffocating fish and other wildlife.

Harvesting water hyacinth helps to combat these problems and encourages biodiversity; the woven leaves also produce beautiful coffins.

Suitable for burial.

For more information, contact your nearest Midlands Co-operative funeral home.

Water hyacinth eco coffins: traditional and half round

Bamboo coffin

The attractive weave and natural appearance of the bamboo eco coffin meets clients' growing awareness for the need for environmentally friendly funerals. It is supplied with a bamboo headrest, bamboo handles, and a liner of waterproof, heavy-duty cotton which is biodegradable.

The species of bamboo used in the manufacture of this coffin is not of a type eaten by pandas, and it is cultivated on government-run plantations in China whose employees have good working conditions.

Suitable for burial.

For more information, contact your local Midlands Co-operative funeral home.

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